#FemalePrivilege: Recall Judge Persky Campaigners & Feminists Silent on Judge Handing Light Sentence to Female Sex Offender

by: Golden State Insider

NEW YORK—Prominent feminists and organizers of the successful campaign in California to Recall Judge Aaron Persky, who sparked outrage when he gave Stanford ex-swimmer and sex offender Brock Turner a light sentence after being found guilty, were notably silent today and absent as the news broke that New York Judge Michael Obus handed an even lighter sentence of just probation to Bronx female teacher Dori Myers who pled guilty to sexually assaulting an underage male student beginning in 2016.

What’s even more concerning is that Myers will reportedly keep her teaching certificate as part of her guilty plea deal, a luxury that virtually no similarly-convicted male teachers have had.

This is not the first time that women have received preferential treatment in comparison to their male counterparts in the judicial and political realms in recent years. As The Daily Fold exclusively reported back in February, Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, who represents parts of east Los Angeles, was accused of sexually assaulting multiple male assembly staffers.

Garcia later received a pass from the California Democratic Party and its elected delegates, during which they victim-blamed her male accusers. Garcia later secured the democratic party nomination, although her similarly-accused male colleagues in the assembly were blocked from doing so.

As of press time, no prominent feminist organizations nor any judicial recall campaign staff, such as Michele Dauber, a Stanford Law professor who led the charge for Persky’s recall (side note: Dauber recently received flack for not being a practicing attorney nor having ever taken the bar exam), have indicated any support for the victim. Neither have any of the organizations or prominent women leaders been vocal on whether they will be going after Judge Obus with a similar judicial recall for such an egregious sentence, in what appears to be a clear double standard between men and women in the justice system.

Maybe it’s time they check their #FemalePrivilege.

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