An independent, news-driven, alternative media platform to bring you the truth—always.

The Daily Fold was originally founded in California in 2017, now internationally-based, by a collection of writers, editors, broadcasters, former officials & activists, attorneys, and investigators focused on bringing readers top, adversarial journalism.

We support independent commentary without special interest slants, and in support of open/crowdsourced platforms. The Daily Fold is opinion-based, educational, not-for-profit, and a fair-use organization of users and the public who submit their own news and media. In 2018, The Daily Fold began covering Silicon Valley, Central Valley, Texas, NYC, and world news.


Overhear something? Are you a whistleblower? Hear a rumor you want us to investigate? Got a tip? Contact us at our secure, encrypted ProtonMail e-mail address: thedailyfold@protonmail.com

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