EXCLUSIVE: CA Democratic Party Chairman Under Fire, Accused of Sexual Assault and Witness Tampering

by: Golden State Insider

SACRAMENTO—California Democratic Party Chairman Eric Bauman has come under fire since the conclusion of the state party executive board meeting in Long Beach, whose time in leadership may now be limited.

In a now filed Statement of Charges letter from Second Vice-Chair Daraka Larimore-Hall which has been circulating among party members, Bauman has been accused of sexual assault, sexual harassment and witness tampering—prompting Larimore-Hall to have initiated a brief investigation.

Larimore-Hall, who plans to seek the removal of Bauman from his position as Chairman of the state party, claims that he believes the alleged victims of Bauman’s sexual assault and sexual harassment, and believes that it would be unacceptable for a political organization such as theirs to continue with Bauman in charge.

Sources close to The Daily Fold, who serve on the executive board of the state democratic party, claim that they too were on the receiving end of assault and sexual harassment as new delegates in the early 2010s, when Bauman was serving as Vice-Chair of the party.

The state party’s executive board are set to begin a full investigation into the matter.

Bauman, who was at first seen to be the favored candidate in last year’s Chair election against progressive Kimberly Ellis, barely won with under 100 votes in a hotly contested election which pitted progressives against ‘the establishment’.

Representative Ro Khanna (CA-17), who initially endorsed Ellis, sent shockwaves throughout Twitter this evening when he claimed that Stanford Professor and Recall Judge Persky leader Michele Dauber should become Chairwoman, although there are already procedures set in place for succession to the position if removal proceedings were to take place.

Dauber, who some claim has little-to-no experience running state democratic political operations to the extent of Bauman’s recent victories with the ‘#CABlueWave’, went on a brief victory lap in a now deleted tweet.

Both Dauber and Khanna later made the rounds on social media claiming they will support a potential Ellis candidacy, which insiders claim is inevitable.

Former Assembly candidate and firebrand Maria Estrada went further by claiming that Larimore-Hall is making a power play in order to “position himself for the Chair’s position”, which seems unlikely at this point given the party’s recent platform.

UPDATED: 11/23/2018, 11:20 PM.

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