County Supervisor Candidate in Silicon Valley Don Rocha Deceives Voters About Divorce, Gets Trolled With Domain

by: Golden State Insider

SANTA CLARA—San Jose Councilman and Santa Clara County Supervisor candidate Don Rocha, who recently came under fire for erroneously and incorrectly placing blame upon his opponent’s campaign for his divorce records getting leaked, has gone into damage-control mode heading into election night.

In recent weeks, new revelations emerged that Rocha has been legally divorced since 2003, but has tried to maintain a ‘family man’ and faithful husband image to the voters and his constituents. This would make sense due to Rocha’s reputation in the community for dating others.

According to the divorce records, which were leaked through a domain name registered as ‘‘ unaffiliated with the official campaign (because Rocha did not register his domain in time), the divorced couple claimed “Because unhappy differences have arisen between us, we have agreed and now agree to separate immediately and to live permanently apart hereafter.”

The Daily Fold has obtained and independently verified the authenticity of the divorce records and claims.

Despite Rocha usually skipping out on public women-related events and losing the endorsement of the powerful Democratic Activists for Women Now chapter—he has desperately tried to position himself as the pro-woman candidate in the final week, all while running against an actual qualified woman, San Jose Unified School District Trustee Susan Ellenberg. Notably, Stanford Professor and feminist Michele Dauber endorsed Rocha over the actual woman in the race, most likely due to Rocha’s close ties to the same special interests Dauber relies on.

Sources close to an executive board of a left-leaning organization, claim to The Daily Fold that some of the women in their ranks feel uncomfortable around Rocha while at their monthly events.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars of special interest money has flowed into Rocha’s campaign, with numerous independent expenditures for him trying to hold off the women’s vote in order to avoid a win for Ellenberg. Some Pro-Rocha mailers have taken a very negative tone in recent weeks—falsely accusing Ellenberg of not being part of the community, or on campaign donations she in fact did not receive.

Recently, Rocha skipped out on a city council meeting altogether even though his signature policy item was finally up for a vote, due to allegedly catering to his special interests. Rocha has pushed for the commercial linkage policy vote for years, only to ditch the item when it came up during an election year.

Hopefully Rocha will try and get back his old underwear modeling job if he loses the election tonight.

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