Silicon Valley Progressive Rep. Ro Khanna Outspoken Against Janus Union Decision, Has Anti-Union Past

by: Golden State Insider—UPDATED: 10:30 A.M., Jun. 29.2018

SILICON VALLEY—Progressive Rep. Ro Khanna, the now infamous “dual-endorser” who was trolled on social media in recent weeks due to his initial sole endorsement of now-defeated Rep. Joe Crowley against progressive Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, was outspoken on Wednesday regarding the Janus v. AFSCME decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, which many in the legal and political communities have claimed will strike a blow to public sector unions across the states seeking fees.

Rep. Khanna did a PR blitz on social media following the decision, speaking out on the importance of unions in the American workforce. Khanna also led a special hour on the U.S. House of Representatives floor in support of unions and working people back in May, and has since positioned himself as a union advocate.

But sources close to The Daily Fold, as well as some progressive activists on social media have claimed that his steadfast support of unions was not always the case. In his 2014 race, Rep. Ro Khanna’s congressional campaign endorsed anti-union slogans at an official campaign event.

Screenshot of Ro Khanna's event with anti-union chants. Provided by YouTube.
Screenshot of Ro Khanna’s campaign event with anti-union chants. Provided by YouTube.

As seen in a YouTube video, which was circulated around by local labor unions at the time supportive of his actual progressive opponent, official senior staffers and campaign supporters for Khanna shouted anti-union slogans about “buying votes” [sic], a usual right-wing talking point.

In 2014, Khanna positioned himself as the tech-friendly candidate, centering around moderate issues, as well as having sought out Sec. Hillary Clinton’s endorsement in the 2016 race, before eventually settling on Sen. Bernie Sanders and going left.

Khanna received calls from the Alameda Labor Council to refund campaign contributions from an anti-union, tech activist and wage-theft CEO, on top of his other Wall Street funders. During then, Khanna reportedly declined to return the campaign contributions.

Khanna also got trolled by the progressive community during the 2014 campaign for claiming he had the support of “Latino groups” because of LiUNA’s support as the only union to endorse him, however, his progressive opponent at the time had received majority-Latino support, as well as the majority of local labor unions.

Khanna later went on to win the 2016 race being widely viewed as the “chosen one” of the tech sector, but has reshaped himself as a progressive. As of Friday morning, Khanna was on the attack against the Koch brothers (whose anti-union positions have been well-discussed), but various outlets during Khanna’s campaign reported on his ties to the Koch brothers’ circle, as well as a previously scheduled speaking arrangement at an official Koch-funded event. Khanna’s Campaign Chairman was sent instead when the schedule was outed by a progressive activist online.

Khanna has been lauded from progressive activists and celebrities alike as a champion for their cause in recent months. Much props to him for trying to re-write history.

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