Despite Drought, Gov. Newsom is Underwater in Upcoming Recall Election

by: Golden State Insider

SACRAMENTO—In a race that is Governor Gavin Newsom’s to lose in a predominantly democratic voter state, new polling this week reveals that the Governor is underwater in his recall race.

Californians are looking to voice their frustrations over growing homelessness, increased crime, more COVID-19 restrictions, drought and wildfires in a special election next month to recall Governor Newsom.

New shock polling this week from Survey USA and the San Diego Union Tribune shows 51% of California voters would vote to recall the Governor next month, a big boost from recent polling which showed Newsom with a double-digit advantage just months ago.

This may be the first time in two decades that a GOP candidate could become Governor of a state that has long been a democratic stronghold.

GOP organizers on the ground are praying that a moderate like former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer is elected as the replacement candidate, should the recall of Newsom be successful, if they want any shot at holding onto the office for re-election in 2022.

Sources close to The Daily Fold have claimed that the Governor’s staff members are growing increasingly worried and are preparing their resumes in case the recall is successful.

Despite the drought, Newsom is underwater in the upcoming election, and he may very well be a casualty of being in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

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1 thought on “Despite Drought, Gov. Newsom is Underwater in Upcoming Recall Election

  1. He has been horrible for small businesses. Anyone but Newsom.


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