President Biden’s Recent Defiance of Supreme Court Only Leads Down to One Road: Impeachment

by: Golden State Insider

WASHINGTON—For arguably only the second time in United States history, a President of the United States snubbed the separation of powers and defied an order by the United States Supreme Court.

This week, President Joe Biden ordered his Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) to extend the rent eviction moratorium to tenants across states hurdled by recent COVID-19 outbreaks. This comes as the Supreme Court ruled earlier this summer that the eviction moratorium could not be renewed again by the President unless through an act of Congress.

Despite this warning, President Biden forged ahead. Ironically enough, it was pressure from three-to-four members of Congress known as “The Squad” that forced Biden’s hand to disregard his oath of office.

Not since President Abraham Lincoln in the midst of the Civil War has a president strikingly defied a separate and equal branch of government.

Make no doubt about it, President Biden’s recent defiance of an order by the Supreme Court only leads down to one road: impeachment. If national republicans want to do the right thing, they would focus on holding President Biden accountable for his recent overreaching executive actions.

What’s stopping the next presidents from blindly defying what other branches of the government request? What’s stopping them from not following the First and Fourteenth amendments? Not sure how long the Republic can last with such disregard.

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[Image Courtesy of AP; TDF does not maintain ownership]

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