California to Halt Purchases of GM, Toyota, Fiat Chrysler and others

by: Staff

SACRAMENTO—California announced this week that it is halting all new purchases of vehicles for state government fleets from GM, Toyota, Fiat Chrysler and others in a move meant to send a message to the Trump Administration.

According to Reuters, the state spent $58.6 million on GM, $55.8 million on Fiat Chrysler, and $10.6 million on Toyota automobiles just in the last two year period alone.

The move comes after the automakers backed U.S. President Donald Trump in a federal regulations court battle to strip California of authority to regulate its own emissions. The state has joined 22 other states to sue the Administration.

Gov. Newsom in a statement today claimed that the new purchase rules are a smart move, signaling more actions to come if the state doesn’t receive its own authority for setting emissions standards.

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