#ShesIn: Magdalena Carrasco, Former Vice-Mayor Will Run For County Supervisor Seat in Silicon Valley

by: Golden State Insider

SILICON VALLEY—Magdalena Carrasco, former second in command as Vice-Mayor of the City of San Jose, is throwing her hat in the ring for the District 3 County Supervisor election in Silicon Valley in 2020.

In an exclusive to The Daily Fold, Carrasco said on Saturday “After meeting with the community, I am currently considering running for Supervisor in District 3 in order to serve our most vulnerable residents.”

Carrasco is a firebrand in local politics who some claim will inevitably run for state legislature. She has served as an independent Vice-Mayor, at times with a progressive streak on development issues regarding labor.

In 2014, Carrasco was elected after running on a campaign platform of transparency and ending corruption at City Hall.

Having served as Vice-Mayor for the second half of the Mayor’s first term, Carrasco was seen as a reliable vote for the impoverished, often forgotten east-side, while still being mindful of local business growth.

Sources close to this publication claim that Carrasco will formerly announce her candidacy in the coming weeks, after having filed her campaign finance paperwork with the Secretary of State on Friday.

Carrasco is already viewed as the front runner with an incoming campaign war chest, including support from prominent statewide democratic leaders, such as Senate President Kevin de León. De León and Carrasco were once married and have raised a family together.

Carrasco for Supervisor Campaign Finance Filing. Courtesy of the CA Secretary of State.
Carrasco for Supervisor Campaign Finance Filing. Courtesy of the CA Secretary of State.


This article has been updated. 

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