#ByeFelicia: Kevin Hart Ditches Oscars Gig, Refuses To Succumb To Mob Justice

by: Dom Folie

LOS ANGELES—Following a refusal to issue an apology due to years-old tweets dug up by social media mobs, Kevin Hart pulled his name from being this year’s Oscars host.

Within hours of being announced, online activists and journalists began resurfacing years-old tweets of Hart making alleged homophobic remarks and jokes on his personal Twitter account.

To his credit, Hart has maintained his personal growth and evolution regarding LGBT-related issues, but refused to ultimately give in and issue a full apology—a rare and bold move in today’s accusatory culture.

Hart has since then kept a low-profile, besides the occasional Instagram Live check-in. Recently, Forbes put him just half a million dollars behind Jerry Seinfeld, clinching the number two spot of the world’s highest paid comedians at $57 million.

The Academy has yet to choose a replacement for Hart. It’s difficult to imagine a scenario where any good person would be willing to put up their name in this current culture of mob-rule wins.

Regardless of what game-show style event Hart does or doesn’t host, he will head into 2019 as one of the most influential, famous, and wealthy entertainers who some claim has changed the game.

[Image courtesy of Kevin Winter, for Getty Images.]

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