#StrangeBedFellows: The Left’s New Embrace of War Monger Gen. Colin Powell and Failed 2012 Candidate Mitt Romney

by: Staff

SACRAMENTO—Election 2020 has led way to be the strangest bed fellow election we have seen in modern history.

Interestingly enough, the left and establishment democrats have now embraced former republican elected officials and neocons in order to chip away at President Donald Trump’s election support.

General Colin Powell has recently reaped the fruits of this adoration as he endorsed the inevitable Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden over the weekend.

Powell, who famously caved and dropped his opposition to the Iraq War during the Bush Administration and helped lead way to the disastrous war in 2003 and massive loss of life, is now being touted as a hero.

Another new liberal hero that emerged over the weekend is the two-time failed presidential candidate and current Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney.

Romney, who ran against Barack Obama, the nation’s first black president in 2012, had his fair share of controversies during the 2012 election.

Now, as Romney was spotted at the important #BlackLivesMatter protests this weekend and proclaimed support for the movement on his social media—the left has seemingly forgotten his track record and his closure of a manufacturing plant that disproportionally put African-Americans out of work.

Biden supporters also recently announced that prominent Bush Administration alums have created a SuperPAC to support Biden’s general election campaign against Trump in the fall.

Make no doubt about it, the left’s obsession with Trump has put their blinders on. Instead of attacking Trump’s policies, they’re now embracing them.


[Image Courtesy of The Washington Post; TDF does not maintain ownership]

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1 thought on “#StrangeBedFellows: The Left’s New Embrace of War Monger Gen. Colin Powell and Failed 2012 Candidate Mitt Romney

  1. they are so desperate


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