#BetoForAmerica: O’Rourke’s Issues Page Deleted Upon White House Announcement

by: Staff

EL PASO, TX—Former U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke and his digital team just deleted the entire “Issues” page from their official website, a telltale sign that points to what insiders claim will be O’Rourke’s entry into the 2020 presidential election this week, upon the heels of confirming a major announcement tomorrow.

O’Rourke is well suited to break major fundraising records if he enters the race, as he did during his senatorial campaign, and continue the hype of what some in the media and political industry called a “viral” campaign last year.

After losing his nationally-covered Texas senate bid, some began to speculate that O’Rourke would take the “Lincoln” route, and declare a White House bid to carry on the traction he received. Abraham Lincoln famously announced his bid for the White House after losing his senate campaign to Senator Stephen Douglas, and went on to fatefully win the 1860 presidential election.

Joshua Drake, a writer for The Daily Fold, and a former field department staffer for O’Rourke’s senate campaign bid claims that “this is all to be expected,” and that former volunteers had already started getting phone calls to prep for a major announcement.

O’Rourke will be entering a crowded field, in a year that identity politics has driven the Democratic Party.



[Photo by Christ Chavez/Getty Images]

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