Zen Corner World News // Week of Feb. 5 — Feb. 11, 2018

by: The Zen Corner

What You Need To Know:

1. In Syria, at least 230 civilians were killed by Syrian Government and Russian airstrikes in past week.

2. Turkish offensive in Syria stalls as dozens of Turkish soldiers are killed by Kurdish fighters.

3. Russian plane crashes near Moscow shortly after takeoff killing all 71 passengers.

4. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un invites South Korean President Moon to Pyongyang in signs of de-escalation.

5. State of Emergency declared in the Maldives as President Yameen calls Supreme Court actions a ‘coup attempt.’ Authorities detain Chief Justice and Supreme Court Judge in retaliation.

6. Israel shot down an Iranian drone encroaching on its territory. The Israeli military responded by striking Iranian facilities in Syria but lost an F-16 jet in the process.

7. Pressure mounts on South African President Zuma to resign. The Deputy President is set to replace him.

8. In Yemen, Government forces retook the southwestern province of Hodeidah killing at least 85 people.

9. Egyptian forces launched a massive attack on the Sinai region. At least 16 militants were killed in the process.

10. Germany center-left Social Democrats agree to a coalition with Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union. Martin Schulz, the leader of the Social Democrats, abandoned plans to become foreign minister.

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