CYD Showdown: Former Republican, Male-Feminist Challenging Totally Qualified Democratic Woman Candidate

by: Golden State Insider

The California Young Democrats, the state’s youth democratic arm, race for statewide president has heated up in recent weeks as the election draws near.

Will Rodriguez-Kennedy, the president of the San Diego Democrats for LGBT Equality and former Parliamentarian of the California Young Democrats, is facing off against Dyana Marie Delfín Polk.

Delfín Polk is well known in democratic circles and is a women’s rights activist, as well as the current VP of Finance for the California Young Democrats.

Rodriguez-Kennedy, on the other hand, through a simple, yet hilarious web search shows as one of his top results that he apparently doesn’t understand law, as revealed by a woman he was hassling regarding an online debate.

And get this, Rodriguez-Kennedy used to be a republican activist, and changed his registration to democrat in recent years. He is currently a male-feminist activist, and appears to be excited for the prospects of a Oprah candidacy (it should be noted, however, that Oprah is a longtime friend and supporter of Harvey Weinstein).

Unfortunately, this type of match-up is not new. Many male democrats within the party tend to virtue-signal when it comes to supporting women for elected positions, but run against them when the chance presents itself.

Sources close to this publication claim that Rodriguez-Kennedy, in arm-twisting fashion, has locked up the major chartered young democrats clubs that have a vote at the state Democratic Party’s convention at the end of the month, in order to shut out Delfín Polk and her campaign slate. Desires for other options in the race had also been expressed recently in an internal, statewide communications group of elected party delegates, sources say.

The election for president will be held at the California Young Democrats’ statewide convention, which runs concurrent to the state Democratic Party’s convention in San Diego during February 23-25.

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