Newsom: Way of Life in California Will Be Different

by: Staff

SACRAMENTO—California Governor Gavin Newsom announced today that the way of life in the state will be different for some time, and that the state is still at least a few weeks away from setting up crucial infrastructure in order to ease the statewide Shelter-In-Place Order the Governor signed into law last month.

In a remote press conference, Newsom declared that “there is no light switch here. Think of it as a dimmer,” and that crucial testing and an oversight system must be in place before allowing a less restricted version of the order to supersede.

The Governor also mentioned that masks in public, checking temperatures upon entering restaurants, and other dystopian measures the press has reported on from around the world will be necessary in order to stop the spread of the virus and have a slow return to normalcy.

When asked about how the summer could look like in the state, Newsom claimed mass gatherings of one hundred plus people during the summer is “negligible” and most likely will not occur unless there is a COVID19 vaccine and herd immunity formed.

This comes after Governors from west coast states Washington, Oregon, and California announced that they were forming an economic pact to ease restrictions. Sources close to the newly formed economic team claim it was necessary in order to override the health onslaught if the Trump administration pushes to open the economy back up on May 1.


[Image courtesy of Facebook/ABC; TDF does not maintain ownership]

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